What is technology convergence?

The technological sphere is filled with a lot of terms, some of which are not easily understood by the man on the street. We are going to be defining and explaining many of these terms and demystifying technology in general to the best of our abilities.


One such term is Convergence. You may have come across articles about such and such a company being described as a converged company. So, what is convergence?


Convergence is a coming together of two or more distinct entities or phenomena. Convergence in Technology is the combination of two or more different technologies in a single device.

A typical example would be the taking of a photo using a cellphone. This is the combination of the functionality of a camera and a telephone. This phenomenon is increasingly becoming prevalent in the information technology world.

Surfing the web on a television, which brings a task normally associated with a computer to a TV is also another example of it.


Technological convergence may influence consumers to accept new technologies. According to studies, people who aren’t computer literate are more likely to embrace the internet and video on demand (VOD) if they can at least initially access these technologies through their television sets.


This is because TV is familiar and non-threatening. Displays are large and TVs are easy to operate; using them to access the web requires almost no training whereas Personal computers tend to be more text-oriented. They are highly interactive, geared toward business and education uses, and displays are smaller.


Computers can be quite challenging to use, and often require some formal education or come with a certain personal learning curve.

So in short, convergence is the coming together of two or more technological functions on one device to execute one or more tasks.

Hoping that we have helped some.


By Sean M Moyo


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