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Mobile Jobs Subscriptions

We have a value added service that is called Deepleague Mobi-Jobs services.

This service is targeted at people that are in search of employment, in Zimbabwe. Once you are subscribed, we send you a daily list of Jobs available on the Zimbabwe job market.

You receive the updates via WhatsApp text. This is a public service that we created to assist job seekers with daily jobs information. Every morning you receive a new list of job openings and all you need to do is just take down the details of the post that suits you and apply.

In order to cater for our service costs, we charge a very small fee of just $1 for a whole month. Thats a whole 30 days of jobs updates which amount to a minimum of 300 updates all for just a dollar. Now that should be something.

To subscribe you send the fee through Ecocash, into our Merchant Code 63599. You can even send through someone else’s number, it is fine.


It’s really simple. You dial *151# to get to the Ecocash Menu, then select option 2, which says “MAKE PAYMENT”, proceed and select the next option, which is option 2 “PAY MERCHANT” and then send to Merchant Code 63599.

When you have sent, you copy the Ecocash confirmation of payment and paste it onto our WhatsApp number +263777 189 131.

Once we receive payment confirmation, we immediately activate your account and you start receiving the job updates.

If at any point you stop receiving updates  while your subscription period hasn’t expired, simply delete our contact details completely from your phone, then re-enter our number and save it under a new name; that should fix the problem.

Happy job hunting.

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